Thursday, July 30, 2009

1st Barber Shop haircut

Here is his first time in the barber seat. We went and there was gentleman in the chair already and decided that he would stick around to watch Micah. He did pretty well, he didn't ever cry but kinda got scared when the clippers with a vacuum thing attached to it came on. But he sat there and finished it up like a good little boy. As you can see it must have been a tad bit stressful for him, b/c he was knocked out as soon as we got going. He is a sweet little boy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here he is digging into his cake. He loved it.

Birthday party

The first cake is his Tonka truck cake that we ate. Then the second one is the one I made for him to dig into. The store wouldn't make one for him to smash that went with the Tonka one. So over look the one I was my first time to decorate one! ha!

more birthday pics

This the morning after his birthday and grandma and pop let him open their present for him. Then as a thank you, he started beating up grandma. He is a stinker!!!

1st Birthday! May 29th 2009

This is at Sara's birthday party with all her family on both their birthday's. We were having Micah's party on the day after so this was her party. But Micah got a present and his own cupcake with a candle in it. I didn't want to take away from Sara's party but his Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Joe were not going to be able to be at his party. So they brought his gift and him a cupcake to eat on his birthday. We had fun and had an eventful day.

I don't know if you can tell in any of this pictures but on his forehead (left side) he has a blue knot. This is from his morning nap turning into falling off our bed. I was cleaning and left him a little to close to the edge. The next thing I know, he had dived off the bed apparently on his head. So he had a nice blue goose egg for his first present on his first birthday! Nothing like getting hurt on your birthday for all the pictures!! But it isn't too noticeable in the pictures unless you are looking for it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Trip to Edisto Beach, SC in May

Mom, Micah and I went over to South Carolina for a few days. Both my dad and Jason had to stay home and work. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves away from work!! Now I want to go to Gulf Shores to the white sandy beaches I'm use to seeing!